8 weeks to 25: Six Pack Challenge

In 8 weeks I turn 25 – with any luck I’ll have lived just one quarter of my life. Like others I know, my list of goals continues to grow faster than I can tick any of them off. According to research, hormonally, I’m reaching my physical peak and from here on in it’s a steady decline into frailty, incontinence and worst of all baldness! The numbers range, and the exact age at which a man’s testosterone and HGH production (two of the most powerful hormones for physical condition) begins to decline could be anywhere between 18 and 35.

Mid 2010 – I hadn’t ever seriously tried training at this point. I got asked to send some photos to a modelling company so I took some at home in front of a blue bed sheet. Somehow the modelling company was still interested in me however I couldn’t afford the $800 fee they were asking for to go on their books!

Whatever the numbers may be, 25 is going to serve for me as a challenge to chisel out that 6 pack I’ve been aiming for for a year or two. There are two big reasons why I’ve been chasing visible abdominals for so long.

1) I want to be the master of my body. Having control of my body isn’t just about choosing when to sleep, walk and eat. It includes how I feel and think, the way I sound, and my physical appearance and ability. Learning how to change my weight and fat/muscle composition is an exercise in understanding the machine that is my body. To be honest, adding muscle hasn’t really worked for me so now I’m trying the other way – cutting fat – before going back to adding muscle.

2) More egotistically motivated, I can’t wait to post a picture of my abs on Facebook and rub it in the faces of all the people who have questioned my personal diet choices and laughed at the efforts I go to understand how I can improve myself physically and mentally. I don’t normally preach my dietary or exercise thoughts to anyone unless asked for it so I don’t ask for the criticism or cynicism that I sometimes receive from people who make little effort for themselves. Hopefully it will change some attitudes towards self improvement – it IS possible!

May 2014 – Some fairly obvious changes since 2010. I think I probably weighed 78kg here.

If I can’t do this now it’s only going to get harder as I get older. I currently weigh in at around 77kg with an estimated body fat percentage of around 12-14%. This means that if I can maintain my lean muscle mass I should only need to lose 3-4kg to start to look fairly well “ripped” at single digit body fat percentages. At a 500 calorie or 20% deficit I should achieve a recommended 0.5kg loss per week which means this 8 week challenge is going to be pretty tight!

April 2015 – There hasn’t been much change in the last year of trying to get to 10% body fat which is a little sad. Time to get serious and commit to reaching my goal by my birthday!

If you have your own story of how you got your abs out then please share them. Motivation is key for me so I’d love to hear them. I’m sharing on here because I want to be held accountable for this challenge by friends but want to keep it a surprise for the Facebook final reveal!


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