2015/16 Adventure Bucket List

With the middle of the year coming up quick I thought I’d be best to start planning my adventures before the weather warms up and it’s Winter again before I know it. I’m going to give overnight hiking a go, do some more Hobie Touring and finish up in June 2016 with a 6000km 4WD trip to Cape York – the Northen most tip of Australia.  I’ll most likely update this post as I go so check back for updates!


There are a number of great hiking routes P1010963around my place so I’m sure not to get bored. Since money is tight at the moment I’ll be doing these with minimal gear and trying to get by with what I can find around home. These treks are going to give me some great opportunities to get back into nature recording which I’m incredibly excited about. Here’s a few walks on my list:

Conondale Great Walk 

Sunshine Coast Great Walk

Cooloola Great Walk


Cape York Trip – This is going to be a big P1010960one and I’ll be starting to plan this in the next month or so. Hopefully we’ll be gone for 4 weeks and will be joined by some family and friends who are also keen to see the Cape. We’ll be 4WDing for most of it and camping in a new spot every night 🙂


Moreton Bay Island Hopping – After my P1020487last overnight sailing adventure I’m keen to do some longer trips – 2 or 3 nights to start with – and hop around the amazing islands in Moreton Bay. There are heaps to choose from and I know some others who will definitely be in for the fun.


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